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11-02-2007 07:49:40


We have decided to hold an [bce47e014ca][ice47e014ca]UNIQUE[/colorce47e014ca][/bce47e014ca][/ice47e014ca] contest. Yes, [bce47e014ca][ice47e014ca]UNIQUE[/colorce47e014ca][/bce47e014ca][/ice47e014ca] contest. In this [bce47e014ca][ice47e014ca]EVERYONE[/colorce47e014ca][/bce47e014ca][/ice47e014ca] wins something.

[uce47e014ca][bce47e014ca]How It Works [/bce47e014ca][/colorce47e014ca][/uce47e014ca]

Signup [bce47e014ca]UnReferred[/bce47e014ca][/colorce47e014ca] on any of our sites.
Do any offers marked as li1127PROMOli
Post in this thread in this format

Site Name
Referral ID
Offers Completed

We'll verify the signup and then give you 1 credit at the site and an entry to the raffle. Every offer gives you 1 entry to the raffle.

This raffle takes place when we have atleast 5 Entries or on 4th March 2007, whichever is earlier.

You can do more than one offer to get more entries in the raffle but you [bce47e014ca]cannot[/bce47e014ca][/colorce47e014ca] do the same offer again. We have checked the offers and they do credit.

Prizes - There will be 5 Winners

1st Prize = $100 PayPal Or 2 Credits
2nd Prize = $75 PayPal Or 1 Credit
3rd Prize = $50 PayPal Or 1 Credit
4th Prize = $25 PayPal Or 1/2 Credit
5th Prize = $25 PayPal Or 1/2 Credit

Five Entries, Five Winners that means you will WIN Something for [bce47e014ca]SURE[/colorce47e014ca][/bce47e014ca]. Can be any amount between $25 and $100.


1. Money 500
2. Zune 72
3. iPod Nano 21

[uce47e014ca][bce47e014ca]Guide to Getting Credit [/bce47e014ca][/colorce47e014ca][/uce47e014ca]

li Use Internet Explorer for doing the offer.

li Close all Internet Explorer windows open.

li Open Internet Explorer, Go to Tools -> Options and Delete Cookies, Temporary Internet Files, History.

li Disable pop up blocker (if any)

li Accept all cookies

[uce47e014ca][bce47e014ca]Terms & Conditions [/colorce47e014ca][/bce47e014ca][/uce47e014ca]

1. We reserve the right to change the Terms & Conditions at any time without any notice and it is the responsibility of the member to apprise themselves of all updates.

2. Credit's cannot be transferred to other accounts.

[uce47e014ca][bce47e014ca]Offers [/colorce47e014ca][/bce47e014ca][/uce47e014ca]

1. [bce47e014ca]FreeBie Site Marketing Guide[/colorce47e014ca][/bce47e014ca] - Why Pay for Referrals when you can get them for Free ? Purchase the guide. Open a support ticket with your PayPal ID used to purchase and we'll give the credit.. If you do this offer, you Will get credit for it. No question of No Credits etc. Users from All Countries allowed.

2. [bce47e014ca]Online Marketing Biz Opp[/colorce47e014ca][/bce47e014ca] - Home Business Opp in the online marketing industry. Only $9.95 shipping and handling for the Work At Home Kit and you are set. Pay $9.95 for S&H on 2nd page. Users from Australia, United States, Canada, United Kingdom and South Africa only

3. [bce47e014ca]Advertising Web Services[/colorce47e014ca][/bce47e014ca] - Drive more visitors to your website now. No matter how good your site looks it won't attract visitors if people don't know it exists. Try the $5 Trial. US and Canada Only.

Edit Changed Date because our site was done for about 1 week.


11-02-2007 13:35:08

This sounds great! Here is my info

Site Name
Referral ID 500
Offers Completed Advertising Web Services


11-02-2007 18:02:20

Oh, What the heck ... mrgreen

Site Name
Referral ID 72
Offers Completed Advertising Web Services

Rick aka CorpRebel 8)


11-02-2007 19:22:04



11-02-2007 19:40:33

Site Name
Referral ID 21
Offers Completed Advertising Web Services


11-02-2007 22:03:23

can i divide credits between acconts? or is it just on the site that we win it? cause what would a person do with 2 credits...


12-02-2007 01:29:31


You can get credits (offer credit or referral credits) at any WhyPayItsFree sites.


12-02-2007 08:42:58

Thanks for adding me!


12-02-2007 11:08:07

You're welcome.


12-02-2007 16:27:52

sigh - i tried to create an account but haven't received an activation email yet...

edit i think i've done a mistake...instead of extending my account i just created a new one on a different site. still haven't gotten any emails...

( please help? D i wanna be part of the list

zune -


13-02-2007 04:17:40

Account Activated.


13-02-2007 06:48:00

The offer Advertising Web Services might be removed in a few hours. If you want to do that, Please do it as soon as possible.


13-02-2007 12:28:35

it says the offer isn't available in my area? why is that, did you take it down already^?


14-02-2007 22:43:52

The offer Advertising Web Services has been removed. The affiliate has removed the offer.


15-02-2007 06:26:16

ok, and i saw the sites are unavailable, you'Re working on them?


16-02-2007 13:17:00

Yes, the sites are down. We are working on the site. If you would like to participate in the promotion, Please PM me for the offer link.


23-02-2007 19:58:12

Well ... I'm looking forward to the drawing.

I'm surprised there are not more signups or are we just not seeing them?

Rick aka CorpRebel 8)


25-02-2007 09:58:42

Sorry about the delay.

After we changed the affiliate, the offers were removed. We'll be adding more offers today.