Crediting and No response

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10-02-2007 04:47:58


I have not received any support in the last week after I submitted my support ticket. I have 2 users under me who have completed instant offers, cleared cookies and used internet explorer/firefox to complete their offers.

This is the third time this has happened with whypayitsfree. Why is crediting such a problem with this site?

I completed WInning in the Cash Flow Business over one month ago and have already canceled my trial. They should have credited me by now.

What's going on?

-Unhappy Customer


10-02-2007 09:06:54

Sorry for the delay.

The No Credit Report has been sent to the affiliate who will forward it to the advertiser. When advertiser approves credit, you'll get the credit.

We check offers crediting from time to time. A lot of users have done Winning in the Cash Flow and got credit. We have already removed a lot of offers that do not credit.