My referral is having issues with being credited

Live forum:


25-01-2007 17:34:39

Hey there, I just thought I'd check in to see if the forum gods, or whoever deals with the credits, had gotten a chance to look at's account. He says he sent in his confirmation email with full headers a couple days ago, but hasn't heard back...

Thanks =)


25-01-2007 20:12:48

The report has been sent to the affiliate.


04-02-2007 21:38:16

I'm glad your site is back up, but neither notavai or myself has seen a change on our respective pages in regards to the credit.

From my research it appears that is notoriously bad with crediting in a timely fashion, if ever.

I hope this gets fixed soon. =(

Thanks again...


05-02-2007 06:10:16 Offer Credits well. Did you delete cookies before doing the offer ?