Offer Update+Promotion!

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01-03-2008 00:42:37

Recently we had a couple crediting problems. We would like to tell you that we have [b1f19a21e06]completely[/b1f19a21e06] taken care of that now and everything is back to normal (instant in most cases.) We have added quite a few new offers that have been tested to make sure they credit properly and we are still in the process of adding more.

[b1f19a21e06]Now, on to the promotions![/b1f19a21e06]
For the week of March 1st-March 8th, we will be giving out [b1f19a21e06]free CustomOrderThis Tshirts and pens[/b1f19a21e06] to whoever cashes
liLimit of 1 Tshirt and 2 pens per person

Along with receiving your free gifts, whoever cashes out the highest amount of cash from March 1st-March 8th will also receive [b1f19a21e06]$250[/b1f19a21e06].

Keep in mind that we are operating on the following schedule as always-
Support-6 AM PST-1200 AM PST
Orders will be paid out within 12 hours, but for this week we will be getting them paid in less than 6 hours.

If you have any problem at all, feel free to contact us on AIM at any of the following screenames-
COT Support



01-03-2008 06:33:59

Sounds great I am game D !