New Network Launch, FREE GREENS

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17-09-2007 13:45:38

We would like to announce the launch of our new network, [b981e584f5e]NonStopFreebies[/b981e584f5e]! Right now there are 2 sites, http//[]http// and http//[]http//
A little snippet from our FAQ-
[b981e584f5e]What is your timeframe on answering support tickets, approving orders, and shipping orders?
[i981e584f5e]All support tickets will be answered within 24 hours, but usually within 4 or 5. Orders are approved within 24 hours as well, and they also tend to get approved quicker than that. We ship orders within 5 days, but again, we usually get them out much faster.
We are also offering [b981e584f5e]free greens[/b981e584f5e][/color981e584f5e] to any user that signs up unreferred until September 24th. )


17-09-2007 20:26:42

Free Green Please.

Signed up on

Gifts #50
Ipod #51

Thank you,