A little update

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17-09-2007 08:34:15

Good morning all! Just wanted to get you all an update-
-The new design is being worked on as we speak
-Combining credits is no longer allowed. That means you only get paid if your referral is fully green. We had to do this so we could increase credit ratios for you all. )
-A big promotion will be coming very soon. wink

More updates to come.


23-09-2007 18:42:57

What do you mean when you say "increase credit ratios"?


25-09-2007 22:31:10

[quote95a7f96f8f="skepticalcynic"]What do you mean when you say "increase credit ratios"?[/quote95a7f96f8f]
Sorry for the delay, we've been having problems logging into FIPG. Increase credit ratios means it will be easier to get a full credit soon. )


26-09-2007 05:38:57

I see. I also noticed that you have reduced the ref values.