Paypal Limitation

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09-08-2007 19:14:26

Paypal just limited our account with them because they think we are a "pyramid scheme." We are working our hardest to get our account reinstated as soon as possible, but we are not exactly sure how long it will take. Those with a current paypal order who would rather get a different prize instead (gift certificate, check, other prize,) please contact me via AIM at CustomOrderThis. I am sorry for the delays, and again, I am trying my hardest to get this taken care of.
Thank you,
Tanner Vaughn


10-08-2007 09:07:37

Uh-oh... that's not good...


10-08-2007 09:14:16

Happens a lot with freebie sites, although I'm surprised that they haven't figured it out by now, after all the sites that appealed and were unlimited. Numerous sites, including FusionCash, went through similar problems but were able to explain how freebie sites are NOT pyramid or matrix schemes and got unlimited. Just draft a nice, polite letter explaining the industry and how it works, and I'm pretty sure they'll unlimit you.


13-08-2007 03:48:25

Grrr I got limited too ?


13-08-2007 11:46:31

Oh man.. i hope they figure this out because I was going to work on this site!


13-08-2007 14:05:35

Don't worry - they'll get it taken care of or they'll start mailing money orders !! These are great sites and super-honest !! I'm referring to both COT and W4F ;)

sandra habina

18-08-2007 22:17:14

Any updates? Cot and W4F are you unlimited thru paypal now.

Hope it is straighten out for you.


19-08-2007 00:57:18

Still limited at the moment. (