NEW Referral Competition! Don't Miss Out!

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30-07-2007 12:14:15

Summer is almost to an end, and we would like to end it with a bang!

How do you enter?[/b87c821182e]
It's simple, just post that you are entering the promo, and post your email that you are using on our sites. Then start getting referrals!

What does "referral competition" mean?[/b87c821182e]
That just means that it is a competition to gather the most "green" (completed) referrals.

What are the prizes?[/b87c821182e]
We will be awarding the prizes like this-
1st place-$250 via paypal, check, or giftcertificate.
2nd place-$125 via paypal, check, or giftcertificate.
3rd place-$75 via paypal, check, or giftcertificate.
4th place-$50 via paypal, check, or giftcertificate.
5th place-$25 via paypal, check or giftcertificate.

How long will this contest run?[/b87c821182e]
This contest will start today, Monday, July 30th, 2007, and run until Friday, August 30th, 2007.

How is this a good deal for me?[/b87c821182e]
At CustomOrderThis we offer premium support, great rates, and fast payouts. You still get $40 per referral, so there is nothing to lose.

What sites is this competition eligible on?[/b87c821182e]
All of our sites except for points and noncc.

Good luck to all!


01-08-2007 14:11:48

Count me in


10-08-2007 15:29:09

I doubt I'll win anything, but why not.

sandra habina

18-08-2007 22:13:09