A handy new feature on the site

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19-07-2007 11:11:56

As you all know, we recently announced that your referrals can earn you just about any amount of money. We later realized that once your referral has a full credit, it says "offer requirements met." That way you could not tell if your referral earned over 1 full credit. We had some things changed, and now it will read in the following way for example. "Offer requirements met-2 credits completed."

Hope you like it. )


19-07-2007 12:15:42

I'm looking forward to concentrating on this network - IF I can ever get anyone to green for me !!! (

Your network is great! Keep up the good work )


19-07-2007 14:25:56

Wow, even better than yesterday! ;) Thanks so much for all your hard work!! D