Thanks COT

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18-07-2007 06:28:50

This site rocks! After all the CRAP on all the others not paying... COT has paid on all 7 of my orders and generally within 24 hours! WOW! No waiting months! I am now a COT girl! Thanks again for all the money and great support! Couldn't be happier!


18-07-2007 08:15:50

Your gender says male.


18-07-2007 13:14:45

^^rofl..he can be w/e he wants to be /


18-07-2007 13:54:30

Well if you really want to get technical... he is a she and he and she are a we! As said in our profile... we are a couple that does this together! Thought you all caught a weirdo huh! LOL... I am on here more than my man yet he set up the acount! LOL! Sorry guys to disappoint you all!
Looty not Loot!


19-07-2007 01:03:28

Congrats! )