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13-07-2007 22:28:39

For those do not know, here are our "guidelines."
Approval-Within 24 hours
Payments-Within 10 days, [b6ac1bfa35a]but usually only takes a day or so.[/b6ac1bfa35a]
Support tickets-Within 24 hours, again, usually much faster.
Times support is available-[b6ac1bfa35a]10 hours or more per day

Just letting you all know, as we have had quite a few of these questions recently. )


14-07-2007 08:12:48

Thanks for the great update! I finally completed my first site from you guys...yippy!! Now I gotta wait and hope no one goes red. shock But they shouldn't since I've traded with them all twice each. So far you guys are great keep it up!!! Later....


17-07-2007 17:59:04

Hi this network