whats wrong with offers??

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01-07-2007 15:18:40

My referral was saying he was having problems going green because alot of the offers are down. So I checked it out....seems some offers work but other you will get a "Fraud may be prosecuted under the Telecommunications Act of 1996.
This service does not tolerate fraud of any kind." in HUGE letters or you will get "webpage not responding". So is this fixable or whats going on??


01-07-2007 17:53:21

LOL, that means you've done the offer before..


01-07-2007 21:21:11

Bahaha...really? I knew it was a dumb question. Thanks!! I will tell my referral. wink


05-07-2007 09:10:07

I was just going to go ck. it out, I have had several tell me they cant do the site becaules most of the offers dont work. Are you going to be adding any new offers in the near future? I hope.