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15-06-2007 07:59:57

Seems the payouts are taking longer. Are you shipping today? omone told me last week that they were told on the 15th so I didnt bother sending a ticket in.


15-06-2007 16:57:18



16-06-2007 07:52:44

Got it. Thanks T-man. This has been a long time coming. I dont mind the weeks wait. You will still be the fastest payout site. I only do cot. sites (only a blind man would have to ask why). I have already sent in a w-9 and also included a copy of my T.D.L. Will I need to send it again or do you still have it in your massive filing system? Thanks (Fred)


16-06-2007 07:59:13

At least COT is being up front and not panicking! Thanks for being reasonable COT!