New support option! Talk to CustomOrderThis live!

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29-05-2007 18:35:39

We will be offering phone support via Skype, but don't worry, you don't have to be a skype member to call us. We paid extra so we have a phone number for you to reach us. With this, we now offer support in many forms. Support tickets, email, AIM, and now, phone support! We will offer this phone support for at least 1 hour per business day.
The number-
(425) 296-7811

We are proud to announce this, as it is just another way we are working even harder to make our members happy.


29-05-2007 18:46:57



30-05-2007 01:28:06

Any chance of letting us know around what time each time? I think it would be good to set a standard time for people )


30-05-2007 06:36:42

Usually from 3-4 PM PST at least. Then maybe 420 PM-around 6 PM PST. But this week you can reach me around 1130 AM PST, until around 3. If you don't catch me on, just leave me a voicemail with your name, number, and any other info you think I will need.


30-05-2007 08:43:49

Great idea, this is why you rate high in my book. Thanks.