:::The Biggest Referral Competition EVER!:::

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12-05-2007 22:28:35

That's right, CustomOrderThis will be holding the biggest referral competition on record. We will be giving away over $1,200 in cash prizes!

How do you enter?[/be82289f54e]
It's simple, just post that you are entering the promo, and post your email that you are using on our sites. Then start getting referrals!

What does "referral competition" mean?[/be82289f54e]
That just means that it is a competition to gather the most "green" (completed) referrals.

What are the prizes?[/be82289f54e]
We will be awarding the prizes like this-
1st place- A PS3 or $599 via check, giftcard, or paypal
2nd place-An XBOX 360 Elite or $400 via check, giftcard, or paypal.
3rd place- An iPod Nano (4g) or $200 via check, giftcard, or paypal.

How long will this contest run?[/be82289f54e]
This contest will start Sunday, May 13th, 2007, and run until Sunday, June 24th, 2007.

How is this a good deal for me?[/be82289f54e]
At CustomOrderThis we offer premium support, great rates, and fast payouts. You still get $40 per referral, so there is nothing to lose.

What sites is this competition eligible on?[/be82289f54e]
All of our sites except for points and noncc.

Good luck to all!


14-05-2007 19:35:50

Nobody is interested?


15-05-2007 10:47:55

sure I will. Just started the site so no idea how it'll go.

Are you allowed to say how many refs the last winners had? or approx?



15-05-2007 12:14:53

I asked him = )..he said 78..i am shotting for 200 green = ) so well see how that goes /


15-05-2007 13:46:52

Hey, I'm in. Still pretty new at all this but I can give it a try! ) The email= I'll be using is email=rghealy@yahoo.comrghealy@yahoo.com I'll be using is email=rghealy@yahoo.comrghealy@yahoo.com/email


15-05-2007 13:48:01

[quote153ef79baf="jdizzle314"]I asked him = )..he said 78..i am shotting for 200 green = ) so well see how that goes /[/quote153ef79baf]

good luck with that 8)


15-05-2007 15:40:38

[quote969b5984f5="O4F-Manofice"][quote969b5984f5="jdizzle314"]I asked him = )..he said 78..i am shotting for 200 green = ) so well see how that goes /[/quote969b5984f5]

good luck with that 8)[/quote969b5984f5]
It actually quite easy = ) all i have to do is get 33 friends of mind to complete green on all 6 of his sites...which should be hard at all if you work hard 8)


20-05-2007 15:04:53

Bump. )


20-05-2007 17:02:22

Can we have an update of who is winning/with how many?


20-05-2007 18:34:47

I'll give it a try. email==LMartinez188@aol.comLMartinez188@aol.com=LMartinez188@aol.comLMartinez188@aol.com/email


20-05-2007 18:38:51

We don't tell the winners until the end.


20-05-2007 20:16:26

Well you know the old man is in. I had 27 last time and didnt even come close. And I dont have 30 friends that will do this. email==hampster@cmaaccess.comhampster@cmaaccess.com=hampster@cmaaccess.comhampster@cmaaccess.com/email ok rav123h your next


20-05-2007 20:19:27

I am going to try


21-05-2007 05:36:25



13-06-2007 17:50:53

Hey can refferals gotten in the time the contest started, but before we posted here count?

Well my email= is email=i1uvcoffee@yahoo.comi1uvcoffee@yahoo.com is email=i1uvcoffee@yahoo.comi1uvcoffee@yahoo.com/email


13-06-2007 20:10:34

Yes they do. )