Site down again ???

Live forum:


23-03-2007 08:40:35

I can log in after waiting a long time and sometimes I can't.
The Tab for Placing an order was not work well.


23-03-2007 11:01:24

Site backing up again. Everything looks normal.


27-03-2007 11:57:29

Looks like its down freaking again ?

Big War Bird

27-03-2007 12:29:20

Its kinda hard to do this if the website doesn't work


27-03-2007 12:39:45

is it back down today 3/27. i can't get it up.


27-03-2007 13:06:27

I don't get how we are supposed to complete a site if it is down...I have someone that is claiming green there this morning and I can't even get on to verify it to pay them.


27-03-2007 14:57:44

I believe the server may be down which is out of COT hands, please be patient.


27-03-2007 15:01:58

lol....patience is a virtue. Funny.


27-03-2007 15:20:30

[quote968c3b035f="psbread"]lol....patience is a virtue. Funny.[/quote968c3b035f] yep. If you dont have it you cant work here. Sorry just a job requirment.

Big War Bird

29-03-2007 16:13:18

The site seems to down yet again . . sigh . .