How long is too long???

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21-03-2007 08:26:58

I submitted for a manual credit on 2/10
It is now 3/21 I have been told customorder cannot rush their affiliates but ti had been way past 15 business days. I don't mean to be rude but the ink that I submitted credit for is almost gone, I would like to receive credit for the product while I still have it. 6 weeks is crazy. Maybe you should look into haveing 000ink change their terms or something. This is very frustrating.

Big War Bird

21-03-2007 12:08:34

Well COT was have a lot of server issues in the past month so they may be way behind.


21-03-2007 16:03:14

Please PM me with your email and I will manually credit you myself since my affiliates are taking so long.


21-03-2007 16:54:22

Not very often you see a manual credit given by the owner - thanks so much ! Your site should be ranked higher - it is in my book!

I sent you a pm with my e-mail


21-03-2007 18:30:00

I PMd him about a problem I was having, and he fixed it right away. Yeah, COT !!



24-03-2007 11:12:45

"The credit request has been sent to the affiliate. It can take up to 15 days for the affiliate to approve/deny your credit."

Not trying to be pushy, but I put in for the request on 3/2 and it's now 3/24. I just need to know what my next step is going to have to be.


24-03-2007 11:22:38

Submit a support ticket and I will manually credit you myself. )


27-03-2007 15:23:29

You just cant beat this site. WTG


27-03-2007 19:07:53

I submitted a support ticket, and it shows closed. I still haven't gotten the .5 credit for it. Do you need the email with headers again in the support ticket?