Site Down?

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20-02-2007 14:09:55

Hey i cannot access the main page
keeps saying something is wrong or something
has anyone else experienced this problem and whats the deal?


20-02-2007 14:19:23

Im not able to get credit on 2 offers...tickin me off. Dunno if the site is havin probs or what


20-02-2007 14:21:24

I talked to support and they said the script is messed up..what site are you it the main site?


20-02-2007 14:22:49

no its the cash site...i didnt even get confirmation e-mails


20-02-2007 14:25:06

ok good..maybe im not the only one who cant get on the main site then


20-02-2007 18:46:08

i am trying to access cash.cot and it says this account has been suspended. ????


20-02-2007 18:49:48

[quote89d9d07c03="soon2bbriz"]i am trying to access cash.cot and it says this account has been suspended. ????[/quote89d9d07c03]
yah mine says that contacting the owner

EDIt YAH HE SAYS THAT IT MEANS HIS...hes switching hosts and it should be up by tonight


20-02-2007 21:14:59

Sorry for the lack of notice, I wasn't prepared for HostGator to do this.


20-02-2007 21:40:39

so what is going on are we getting the site back what should my gaming.cot is down i was almost done too.


20-02-2007 21:45:47

The site should be back tomorrow if HostGator responds on time...


20-02-2007 21:53:42

hi and yeah im unable to log in and check my when the site comes back is anything gonna change?


20-02-2007 22:08:07

whew, I thought I was banned (


21-02-2007 05:03:29

lol I to had a worry. I wanted to know wtf did I do. good to know its a site problem thanks (Fred)


21-02-2007 05:48:56

That freaked me out too. I tried to log in and it told me that I was suspended too. Thank goodness Im not the only one.


21-02-2007 07:28:03

[quote5929ab3f54="CustomOrderThis"]The site should be back tomorrow if HostGator responds on time...[/quote5929ab3f54]

Hey I just want to apologize in advance. I sent you a pm about my acct. before reading this. Please disregard. asuperstar103 ?


21-02-2007 08:26:57

I freaked out - I am a newbie and thought something I did crashed the whole site - I had asked for manual credit and thought I did the suspension - good to know I am not the only one!


21-02-2007 08:36:08

i thought my acc was suspended,talk about getting nervouse


21-02-2007 10:29:19

tell me about it, I had FINALLY gotten someone to use my ref link and its down! sheesh I freaked out.

V-Bux Dave

21-02-2007 10:57:51

So why did HostGator suspend your account, CustomOrderThis? Did you not pay your bill, are you having a dispute with them, did you go over bandwidth limits, what's up?


21-02-2007 12:07:41

he posted a link to the anything4free forum where he explained why. i think it is in his first post of this thread. i can't remember what he said but it wasn't because of his bill. scroll up and you will see it.