Has Anyone Ordered Paypal From C.O.T.?

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15-02-2007 13:22:57

I was approved 2 days ago, and still haven't gotten paid.

No worries. I just assumed I would have gotten paid by now.

Has anyone ordered paypal from these guys? How long did it take after approval?


15-02-2007 16:24:21

You get paid on the 15th and I think the 1st of each month. I've gotten PayPal twice, and paid on the 15th of each month I ordered. I was approved two days ago, got $80 today.



15-02-2007 19:23:16

Great...I was just approved! COT is Great!


21-02-2007 18:09:48

well got to put in my 2 cents they paid me on the 15th as agreed $200.00 (will always hold a special place in my heart as they were my first) thanks again c.o.t. (Fred)