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27-01-2007 17:19:25

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[b36f06e737c]The best $ per ref rates thus far![/b36f06e737c]

$100 Paypal(3 Referrals)
$200 Paypal(5 Referrals)
$250 Paypal(6 Referrals)
$400 Paypal(9 Referrals)
$500 Paypal(11 Referrals)
$599 Paypal(13 Referrals)
Custom Order (Contact for a referral amount. Must be under $600)(0 Referrals)

[b36f06e737c]The offer list-[/b36f06e737c]

[b36f06e737c]The new promo-[/b36f06e737c]
The first [b36f06e737c]5[/b36f06e737c] people to order, will get a bonus amount of cash.
1st person to order- $50 bonus
2nd person to order- $25 bonus
3rd person to order- $20 bonus
4th person to order- $10 bonus
5th person to order- $5 bonus
liBonus only eligible for orders under $599 paypal.


31-01-2007 07:22:46

Thanks Customorderthis. I will probably work on this when i am done with points.customorderthis. Just waiting for a manual credit.


31-01-2007 13:32:15

I submitted my order, but one of my refs got put on hold for multiple accounts. Both accounts are signed up under me, and he only used one of them. Please get back to me on this.


31-01-2007 20:47:55

Tell them to contact me, they will be taken off of hold immediately. )


04-02-2007 17:24:38

I would like to be taken off hold immediately for making the same mistake. I really want to like customorderthis...

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21-02-2007 16:14:43

Im guessing this promo is over?