i love this siteeeeeeeee

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=52338


25-01-2007 01:42:24

I love the customer support. I love how nice they are. I love how patient they are. .... and I haven't even gotten into referring many people yet! Waiting to get these other sites that I have out of the way, but dang, what little contact I've had with this site has been PHENOMENAL!

...that is all. D


05-02-2007 15:58:40

yeah.. they're pretty nice. i like the new girl, she's very friendly... I'm just hoping for a good outcome...


17-02-2007 07:05:22

Yah i just finished up this site..hopefully theyre as good as you say


21-02-2007 18:16:56

they are good at there word. paid me as agreed and I didnt have to open a support ticket to get it like some sites I wont metion here. I may start doing nothing but c.o.t.sites as soon as I wade my way through these others (Fred)