Your promo ideas/requests?

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31-12-2006 02:01:21

Please share what you would like, and I will see what I can do. )


01-01-2007 22:22:35

Anything to reduce having to do offers is good - like sign up unreferred and you don't have to do an offer. Helps us Canadians! Sorry if I already suggested this...can't remember.

Cheers and Happy New Year!


01-01-2007 22:31:46

I remember reading this suggestion on a4f, it was shot down. ( (I think O_o)


01-01-2007 22:35:12

You can refer an extra user.


10-01-2007 17:36:03

Random draw...For us canadians...norhing really involving completing a offer...

Ohh I got a good give everyone free ps3's!! That sounds like fun! Cheap too!