How To Use The Search Feature [Update - January 8th 2007]

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07-01-2007 22:41:29

Hopefully this will help you in finding useful information as well as old posts which may answer the question you're about to ask by making a thread. Many members claim to search before posting but rarely do, so we'll use a common example.

There have been quite a few threads along the lines of; "What music are you listening to right now?" and if members had effectively used the search function, we'd only have one that was BUMP'ed on a regular basis. I am guilty of making two of these threads myself and I should've followed my own advice.

[u63e501f8f7][b63e501f8f7]Step 1[/b63e501f8f7][/size63e501f8f7][/u63e501f8f7]

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[u63e501f8f7][size=1863e501f8f7][b63e501f8f7]Step 2[/b63e501f8f7][/size63e501f8f7][/u63e501f8f7]

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[u63e501f8f7][size=1863e501f8f7][b63e501f8f7]Step 3[/b63e501f8f7][/size63e501f8f7][/u63e501f8f7]

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Any comments, questions, complaints or suggestions, let me know. D