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11-09-2004 16:14:59

These are intended to be a general guide. Generally speaking, do not be stupid and you'll be fine.

These rules are subject to change at any time without warning or notice.

[b04dbb9b070]1) No referral links at all. This means any type of referral link for any site, posted anywhere, INCLUDING YOR SIGNATURE, or sent via email or PM. This is a zero-tolerance policy--you WILL be banned. Spam your link elsewhere.

1a) No conga links, or links to sites that are blatantly about getting yourself referrals. Links to related sites are permitted. The basic guideline here is this Do not post a link that, if clicked, could financially, referral-ly, or otherwise help you.[/b04dbb9b070]

2) Keep it civil. If you feel the need to swear, please do so without acting like an idiot. Flaming will not be tolerated.

3) Disrespect of moderators or administrators will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. As a general rule, show them the respect they deserve.

4) These forums are not for anyone's profit. That means, do not attempt to solicit referrals for ANY site, or attempt to buy, trade, or sell any product or service. [b04dbb9b070]Exception[/b04dbb9b070] Buying/selling/trading is allowed in the "For Sale" forum [i04dbb9b070]only[/i04dbb9b070].

5) Do not bump topics under any circumstances. This may or may not result in any of the following warning, editing, deletion, topic closing, and/or banning at the moderator's/administrator's discretion. [b04dbb9b070]Exception[/b04dbb9b070] once per 24 hours in The Trading Post

6) Do not post information, methods, programs, or encouragement for SPAM. SPAM is defined as mass-posting, transmitting unwanted/unrequested messages to third parties, or otherwise being an annoying ass.

7) Do not post topics asking why another topic was locked. Do not PM moderators/admins about a post lock/edit, avatar change, or any other action and point out or quote these rules. You may POLITELY ask why your thread/sig/avatar was closed/changed, VIA PM, ONCE. You are not to argue with moderators/admins about their decisions. Especially frowned upon is quoting these rules and asking which one you violated, or otherwise having an attitude.

8) Please respect the offer companies. Do not post specific cancellation information (eg. phone numbers), or post asking for them.

9) Each forum may have its own rules. This is especially important in the Trading Post. Make sure to read those, too.

10) No racism, ever. It's just not okay. Don't mess with us on this one.

11) Don't PM me (Admin). I will ignore it if you do. Try someone else in the moderator usergroup[=http//]moderator usergroup.

12) When posting or replying, ask yourself if your words contribute to the topic at hand in a meaningful way. If the answer is 'yes', post away. If it's 'no', please save us all the time and do something else.

13) Signatures should not exceed 150 pixels high, and 600 pixels wide. This includes all text and images.

14) Do not spam other users via PM! PM spam is defined as ANY unsolicited PMs sent to another user for the intent of establishing a relationship to gain an advantage for trading. Some examples would be sending a referral link along with a cash offer, a "welcome" message sent to new users as soon as they join, etc. The moderators reserve the right to interpret the PM as they see fit. If you there is any doubt as to whether or not your PM will be considered spam, ask a moderator first!

1st offense, PM privileges revoked for 3 days. Next offense after PM privileges restored is a temp ban. 3rd offense, permaban.

Specific to the Off-Topic forum
1) Rules are a little bit looser in this forum. The chief rule here is the golden one don't be an ass.

[updated/clarified by admin, 12/28/05]
[updated/clarified by admin, 12/20/06]
[updated by CollidgeGraduit, 06/11/07]