Extra $10 referral, Make Friends for Cash!

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05-02-2009 23:17:22

Valid February 6th, 2009 hour 0001 through February 8th, 2009 hour 2359 CST.

Everyone likes more FREE money! Everyone that refers 2 people at any Dollar Deal Site will receive $11 cash bonus! Refer 5 people and receive $31! Refer 10 people and receive $101!

1. You must opt-in by submitting a support ticket titled “Friends 4 Cash” during the promotion hours.
1b. And reply to this thread saying Friends 4 Cash!
2. Only accounts opened during February 2009 are eligible towards your total.
3. Only accounts that go green (reach 100% credit) during the promotion are eligible towards your total.
4. Credits that are not instant still qualify as long as they are completed during the promotion and are approved by the end of February.
5. Credits that are reversed by affiliates will be revoked, and will not count towards the promotion.
6. All bonuses will be awarded on March 3rd, 2009.
7. Free Greens do not qualify for this promotion.


06-02-2009 01:37:56

Changed terms to include ALL Dollar Deal Sites.