FREE Money: Thursday February 5th 2009, Race to finish!

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05-02-2009 01:31:15

Valid Tuesday February 5th 2009 hours 0001 through 2359 CST.

It’s a race to win an easy $25 bonus! Every fifth person that goes green (reaches 100% credit) on each Dollar Deal site Thursday will receive $25 in cash!

1. You must opt-in by submitting a support ticket titled “5th Wins” after reaching 100% and during the promotion hours.
2. You must go green (reach 100% credit) on February 5th, 2009 during the promotion and submit a support ticket when finished.
3. Prizes awarded will be based on timestamps of Support Tickets titled “5th Wins” and not offer completions. However you must reach 100% prior to sending support ticket for it to count.
4. Can be referred or unrefereed.
5. Free Greens do not qualify for this promotion.
6. You may request we remove your Free Green to participate. Submit a support ticket titled “Remove Green”.
7. Credits that are not instant still qualify as long as they are completed by you during the promotion times and are approved by the end of February.
8. Credits that are reversed by affiliates will be revoked, and will not count for the promotion.
9. All bonuses will be awarded on March 3rd, 2009.

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