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01-09-2008 16:58:15

[b86d3d4cb76]Free Hosting - September Promo #1[/b86d3d4cb76]

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With the growing number of users opening blogs, or personal websites to promote links the Dollar Deal Network decided to help all of you along with [b86d3d4cb76]Free Hosting![/b86d3d4cb76]
So now you can try your hand at getting free referrals for all your links.

Hosting has NO BANNERS or POP-UPS or any of that other garbage most free hosts add.

This is full cpanel, fully functional hosting.

For this month all accounts will have
300mb Diskspace
3000mb bandwidth
1 email account
1 domain
Also the Cpanel will be loaded with Fantastico (site addons like forums and blogs)

Here are the rules!

1. You must be a member of any of the Dollar Deal sites in good standing.
2. You must go here (http// to submit info for hosting.
3. You must use the hosting to promote your Dollar Deal links, however you can promote any other sites links as well. All I ask is you give us 1st billing biggrin
4. You must use the hosting! I will check once a month an if you have an un-built site or un-updated it will be removed and give space for someone else.
5. Well guess that's it but if you need any help once it is up and running let me know and will help you navigate the cpanel.
6. If you have any questions send me a PM.
7. Oh you will have to have your own domain, If you don't have one PM me first so can lock you in a spot until domain is registered! So PM me 1st!

I will also add all sites to the Dollar Deal Network portal so you get free advertising from me as well )

If you need more space after a month or need more bandwidth then we will double it! So just ask and will increase biggrin

This promotion is available on all forums we are on.