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01-08-2008 23:34:47

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[b4bc604392b]Compare us.....[/b4bc604392b]

With all the sites users have to choose from I wanted to try and make sure users get the most for your Dollar, so here is a comparison of the NEW Dollar Deal sites compared to 5 other popular sites

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As you can see out of [b4bc604392b]111[/b4bc604392b] comparisons we [b4bc604392b]WON 80[/b4bc604392b] times, or a win percentage of 72%. We only lost 4 times out of 111 comparisons! So while some sites may offer some users bonuses or rewards for tons of referrals we reward [b4bc604392b]ALL[/b4bc604392b] of our users with the best ratios.

So stop wasting yours and your referrals money and get the best DEAL for your DOLLAR at the Dollar Deal Network.