August Promotions - Free shirts, Greens, Blurays and Cash

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01-08-2008 23:20:02

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[ba7232b4b18]To celebrate my need to give away money here are Augusts promotions


#1 Free Greens![/ba7232b4b18]

You can pick any one of our new sites and we will give you a free green. Just post here your referral # and the site and will hook you up with a free green. Want a green on a second site or even third then post here. The limit is 3 free greens for the month of August so get free greens while they last. They are only available on our newest sites

[center][url==http//]Dollar Deal BluRay[=http//]Dollar Deal BluRay[/url]
[url==http//]Dollar Deal Cash[=http//]Dollar Deal Cash[/url]
[url==http//]Dollar Deal Double Cash[=http//]Dollar Deal Double Cash[/url]
[url==http//]Dollar Deal Games[=http//]Dollar Deal Games[/url]
[url==http//]Dollar Deal Gaming[=http//]Dollar Deal Gaming[/url]
[url==http//]Dollar Deal Half Cash[=http//]Dollar Deal Half Cash[/url]
[url==http//]Dollar Deal TVs[=http//]Dollar Deal TVs[/url]


#2 BluRay Referral race![/ba7232b4b18]

[img="a7232b4b18]http//[" alt=""/imga7232b4b18]

Starting from now till the end of month we will be holding a referral race on DollarDealBluray. To enter simply send in a support ticket and we will track all your referrals for the month of August. The person with the most refs will win a Magnavox Blu-ray Disc Player (model NB500MG9). So if you want a BluRay player but dont want to pay for one this is for you. DollarDealBluRay pays $30 per ref and has 25+ full credit offers. This referral race is only for

[url==http//]Dollar Deal BluRay[=http//]Dollar Deal BluRay[/url]

1st prize = Magnavox Blu-ray Disc Player (model NB500MG9)
2nd prize = $120 worth of BluRays
3rd prize = $90 worth of BluRays
4th prize = $60 worth of BluRays
5th prize = $30 worth of BluRays


#3 Double Cash Out![/ba7232b4b18]

[img="a7232b4b18]http//[" alt=""/imga7232b4b18]

For the month of August every single ref on ZeroDollarDeal who greens in August will be worth $50.00! You must cash out in August to get the double payment. So for the month of August all refs are worth double on

[url==http//]Zero Dollar Deal[=http//]Zero Dollar Deal[/url]


You can only win once for each promotion!
Also Promotions #1, 2 and 3 will be on all forums.


02-08-2008 06:43:12

May I have free greens on these sites? Please and thank you!!



02-08-2008 09:41:38

Will sign up when I get home... I've been waiting for these new sites.


02-08-2008 10:17:24

Greened D



06-08-2008 10:42:39

Everyone jump in!! )