6 new sites comign soon.....

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16-07-2008 20:53:20

The Dollar Deal network will be launching 6 of several new sites coming over next few months.

Here is basic outline fo the six sites and changes to them compared to old sites

Cash Site = $60-$80 per ref
Half Cash = $30-$40 per ref
Double Cash = $120-$160 per ref
Games = any game for 1 ref ($60.00 value)
Bluray = any bluray movie for 1 ref ($30 value)
Gaming = All the game system you love including guaranteed shipped Wii's

plus a few more coming later

Also I am going to make a few changes to the sites as follows

1 ref cash outs on all sites

NO ID required for cash outs. I will be removing this to speed up payments

HUGE increases in offer weights (will be posting comparison to several of the legit sites and you will be amazed at the differences)

Increased AIM support

plus more subtle changes

Mikhail D