Dollar Deal Network News and Updates...........

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09-06-2008 18:42:11

[b3a63aabd83]Dollar Deal Network News and Updates...........[/b3a63aabd83]

Just wanted to write a few notes about what has been happening on the Dollar Deal Networks and future updates.

1. New Design! Well as many of you have seen we have added new eye friendly design to the site but will be adding a few tweaks to it in the coming months as well. I am ashamed to say it took me over a year to finally update the design, but have always been more worried about maintaining offer, publishers and users before the aesthetics of the site. I finally managed to spend some time learning how to recode the site and make new design so hopefully everyone will like it more then old layout.

2. Sites closing! Over the next few months I am going to be closing some of the less trafficked sites on the 2DollarDeal network to help improve hosting speeds on other sites. It just has become a burden to maintain some of the 2DollarDeal sites that have almost no members. So it will help my hosting servers if I close them and run less sites. I will make announcements when I have decide which ones to close and which ones to maintain. Also will give way then enough time for any members to finish, or will transfer those who can't.

3. New Sites Opening! Sometime in July or August I will be opening a new set of sites. They will be in the same theme as current Dollar Deal sites but will be changing the name. So look for them coming to a forum near you, lol.

4. 2DollarDeal! I have increased the pay out levels on 2DollarDeal to a whopping $50-$80 per referral! I also did this while maintaining the exact same offer weights! So now you get WAY more bang for your buck on 2DollarDeal. I did however have to remove the 1 referral cash out to maintain these rates. Due to the amount of fraud recently in the incentive markets the potential loss on a 1 ref cash out was too great.

5. ZeroDollarDeal! I just raised all the ratios on all the offers. All the old 1 credit offers have been raised to 2, 3 and even in some cases 4 credits now. It should be a LOT easier to green now. However to do this I removed all prizes other then 1 referral for $25.00. I didn't see this as a big issue since have had very few users cash out for more then 3 referrals. So none of the cash outs were hitting the higher pay levels. I decided I would rather have more people cash out then pay higher. I have however grandfathered in all older prizes for 1st cash outs. If you have a higher prize currently chosen you can place an order with it, bu only once, after that you will have to change prize to the ones available.

6. AnyDollarDeal! I just today pulled all the offers from all the AnyDollarDeal sites while I rework the offer weights. I originally opened this site to make it 1 credit cash outs, however trying to maintain a large number of offers has become almost impossible with out going to 1/2 or 1/4 etc offers. So I have decided to rework all the weight and hopefully users will be much more pleased with new weights. I will be able to add more offers with new weights and increase old offers to higher values with new format. So expect all offers to be up later tonight or tomorrow.

7. Dollar Deal Network! Just in case people didnt know, we offer several free spreadsheets and tutorials on for free. All we ask is you register on our portal page to access them. Also over the next few months I am going to rework the DollarDealNetwork site with lots of helpful tips on getting more free money. So I wont only tell you how to make money on my sites but other sites as well.

8. More to come.......... As always I am trying to find new ways to make customers happy so looking for a few good ideas biggrin I am also working on new type of site unseen in the incentive market.