ZeroDollarDeal Increased Offer Weights!

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09-06-2008 18:34:22

[be044e46c1c]ZeroDollarDeal Increased Offer Weights![/be044e46c1c]

I just raised all the ratios on all the offers. All the old 1 credit offers have been raised to 2, 3 and even in some cases 4 credits now. It should be a LOT easier to green now. However to do this I removed all prizes other then 1 referral for $25.00. I didn't see this as a big issue since have had very few users cash out for more then 3 referrals. So none of the cash outs were hitting the higher pay levels. I decided I would rather have more people cash out then pay higher. I have however grandfathered in all older prizes for 1st cash outs. If you have a higher prize currently chosen you can place an order with it, but only once, after that you will have to change prize to the ones available.

I will be adding several more offers over the next few days as well. I removed most of the cell phone offers as well as all the Payday loan offers while I research them more. I want to make sure I use the very best crediting offers available. So some may come back while others (problem ones) will be added to my never use list biggrin