Free Green Promotion (May)

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05-05-2008 14:00:41

[b472afa43c5]Free Green Promotion

Ok since last months free green went so well decide to extend it for one more month with few limitations.

I also wanted some sort of promo while I work on a few things, so expect some great promos for June![/b472afa43c5]

The Rules

1. You must have joined un-referred after this post!
2. You must post you email used to join in this thread by June 1st.
3. You must get at least one greened referral by July 15th.
4. You can only get a free green on 1 site so choose wisely.

That is it......
[b472afa43c5]So simply join any of the 2dollardeal sites found here 2DollarDeal site list![="http//"]2DollarDeal site list! un-referred and post your email here by May 1st.[/b472afa43c5]

Don't forget that 2DollarDeal pays up to $75.00 per green with all the same 1/2 credit offers those $40 a ref sites use.