Free Referral Promotion (April)

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02-04-2008 12:33:55

[ba05148976c]Free Referral Promotion

Just to make things a little more interesting on ZeroDollarDeal I am offering free referrals to the 1st 50 people who want one.[/ba05148976c]

The Rules

1. You can be referred or un-referred doesn't matter to me.
2. You must have joined after this post.
3. You must post in this thread the email you used to join by May 1st or before the 50 referrals are given away.
4. You can only use the free referral to cash out on 1 referral prizes if you joined un-referred and earned a green. If you joined referred you have to cash out with more then 1 referral.

[ba05148976c]So simply join either referred or un-referred and post your email here before all 50 referrals are given away.[/ba05148976c]

Don't forget that ZeroDollarDeal pays up to $75.00 per green, the highest amount of any NO-CC site.