New Support Staff and Options

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02-04-2008 12:29:20

[b5fb1c4cab5]New Support Staff and Options[/b5fb1c4cab5]

First I want to introduce Manofice (or Glenn) as our first support member.

He is extremely knowledgeable about our script, the offers and how crediting works. He is a great asset and I am thankful to have him joining the Dollar Deal Network. I think you will all find him an extremely nice person and helpful. With him joining the Dollar Deal Network it will help speed up any support that is needed.

He will be handling most of the AIM support as well on site support tickets.

I also want to introduce Paul who will be handling all phone support. He is also knowledgeable about how crediting and offers work.

So with the 2 of them as well as myself I have revamped support.

We now offer the following methods of support

http//[" alt=""/img5fb1c4cab5]AIM Support

DDNGlenn (Our top notch AIM support man)
DDNPaul (If you catch him you are a lucky person since he works phone support)
DDNOwner (That is me of course)
DDN??? (Coming soon)

[img="5fb1c4cab5]http//[" alt=""/img5fb1c4cab5]Phone Support

Paul - 1-760-699-4149

[img="5fb1c4cab5]http//[" alt=""/img5fb1c4cab5]Email Support

Owner (again that's me)

You can also always send me a support ticket here on the forums or via site support.