All fixed

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20-02-2008 19:30:22

I hate to say this and have it happen again but our admin side of our script is down yet again. We are unable to login and do anything but reply to support tickets, and even then it is sporatic.

So we are unable to process any orders or verify any accounts at this time.

Crediting seems to be working fine posting back offers, but I am manually checking as much as I can to verify completions.

If you don't get credit for an offer send in a support ticket and will reply ASAP.

Also please be patient on support tickets as we aren't always able to access them.

[b7a9989af01]Again users side is working fine so can refer users and they can complete offers and credits will be issued. The problem is just on our admin panel accessing users.

So payments and account verifications might take a day or two longer then we like[/b7a9989af01]


21-02-2008 09:14:41

All fixed so all orders have been processed D


21-02-2008 23:17:35

Sorry but seems yet again our script is broken.

This has become so tedious and frustrating. Again site will be up by tomorrow.

If the current script isnt stable by the end of the week we will scrap it and go with a more stable one.


22-02-2008 12:18:26

Looks like we got all the gremlins out and is fixed D