New Site Launch Referral Promotion!

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06-02-2008 09:02:52

[b81c946764a]The Dollar Deal Network is proud to announce a new site to it's network......[/b81c946764a]

This site is dedicated to you the users and the offers you complete on incentive sites. We wanted to make a site that will allow users to not only review the offers they are completing but read other users reviews.

So to mark the grand opening we decided to run a referral promotion. This will probably be one of the easiest referral promotions you will ever find as it costs you nothing and costs your referrals nothing. Here is how it works....

You must join and put in a review for at least one offer. You then must post here which offer you would like to see added to Your referrals must also post a review and post which offer they would like to see added.

So all posts need to be in the following format.........

1. Who referred you
2. Your username on reviewfreak
3. The offer you reviewed
4. The offer you would like to see added.

So easy enough I hope biggrin

The top 3 people who refer the most people in February (ends March 1st) will win the following....
1st place $100.00
2nd place $50.00
3rd place $25.00

Thank you and good luck biggrin

Dollar Deal Network