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06-02-2008 09:00:52

[b3e8e1b6b94]Since anyone can give free greens we decided to make it a little better for our users.[/b3e8e1b6b94]

Instead of just giving away free greens we are also going to give out some free money at the same time. The promotion will run from now till March 1st.
This promotion is only available for new members of ZeroDollarDeal.

To enter simply join (from now till February 30th) and post your account or referral # here. We will then credit your account with a free green and enter you in our raffle. On march 1st we will pull 3 ref #s and they will win a bonus to their 1st cash out as follows.....

1st place $100.00
2nd place $50.00
3rd place $25.00

Also make sure to check out our new pay outs on ZeroDollarDeal, now paying up to $75.00 per referral.

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01-03-2008 12:46:44

promotion is now closed D

Here are the final ebtries


I will pull names later tonight and declare the winners D


02-03-2008 08:15:03

The winners are

1st place - ref#8302
2nd place - ref#8536
3rd place - ref#8401

So send in support tickets or PMs so can add bonus to accounts.