AnyDollarDeal 2 for 1 promotion!

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06-02-2008 08:59:53

[bdb9bed7c1e]Welcome to our 2 for 1 promotion on AnyDollarDeal. here is how it works.....[/bdb9bed7c1e]

For the month of February any one who goes green (unreferred) on any AnyDollarDeal site can choose to get a free green (un-referred) on any other AnyDollarDeal site of your choice. So go green on 25.AnyDollarDeal and get a free Green on 50 or 100 AnyDollarDeal.

To claim free green you must post here and must have gone green after this post.

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01-03-2008 12:49:49

Promotion is over