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29-01-2008 12:54:04

Will 2DollarDeal be sending out 1099-Misc for anyone that had earnings of $600 or greater? I know that I had to send in my W-9 info so I want to make sure that I claim everyting on my taxes.

If 2DollarDeal isn't sending it out, did you submit it to the IRS? If you did where can I find out the dollar amount of my earnings?


01-02-2008 23:06:08

Yes all 1099s went out early in the week.


01-02-2008 23:12:12

[quote9877ec8ac3="DollarDealNetwork"]Yes all 1099s went out early in the week.[/quote9877ec8ac3]

what happened if you already filed your tax?


01-02-2008 23:18:47

[quote29fcf70eb3="puppeteer"][quote29fcf70eb3="DollarDealNetwork"]Yes all 1099s went out early in the week.[/quote29fcf70eb3]

what happened if you already filed your tax?[/quote29fcf70eb3]

I wouldnt listen to me about tax advice but you can amend your taxes after the fact. You can call the IRS to get clarification as to when to amend them 800-829-1040

I had to amend mine 2 years ago and was getting refund, I was told to file after i received refund. Then I filed amendment and had to pay like $30 to them for the difference.


02-02-2008 10:13:23

ok thanks


02-02-2008 12:00:13

I got mine today, thanks.


03-02-2008 19:31:02

[quote170e3ba6f3="stueybaby17"]I got mine today, thanks.[/quote170e3ba6f3]

Good to hear, the USPS seldom loses IRS mail yet manages to lose my checks all the time, lol.