So hard to credit on your site :(

Live forum:


20-01-2008 13:55:05

especially for the ones that are 4credits required.... could you possibly cash out for that...

I mean you got paid for those offers that got credited ... its not me its my refs.. they are mad at me for having them do this site...


20-01-2008 23:26:24

What is your account # or ref#?


21-01-2008 15:31:51

#29 on 100.anydollardeal i got this old guy and a mom, they have few credits but they might not be able to finish it

some 3 and 2.. let me know ifyou could partly cash out


22-01-2008 21:45:25

my support tickets hasnt been read (

any CSR ?


22-01-2008 23:54:58

your support tickets have all been being answered in a timely fashion

1/18 replied in 1 hour 32 minutes
1/20 replied in 3 hours 24 minutes
1/21 replied in 3 hours 2 minutes

I try to answer them ASAP but sometimes takes a little while )


25-01-2008 11:16:12

Hello ) I received your $200 check but you did not write $200.00 for the amount of Check

You wrote the words "Two Hundred Dollars 00/00" but you didn't write "$200.00"

What should I do from here? lol