Xmas Promotion #2 Free Credits

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01-12-2007 21:35:12

Well since so many people enjoyed the free credit promotion on AnyDollar Deal I decided to extend it till December 25th.
[baa18ee33d6]ONE OFFER GREEN PROMOTION[/baa18ee33d6]

So while it last any one who does any ONE (1) offer on either


will get a full green for the offer. So no matter which offer you do it will be worth either 2 credits or 4 credits depending on the site.
Yes you can join both sites, you are not forced to choose.

So no matter the offer once you complete it simply post here or send in a support ticket and I will add the extra offers for FREE!

This promotion is only for un-referred members!

So one offer gets you full green!.


PS just for those who didn't read. It is only available to un-referred members on $50 and $100 AnyDollarDeal