One Offer Green Promotion

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12-11-2007 16:24:56

Mid November Promotion

So decided to add another promotion while my brain is thinking up more for December )

[b3947aa0f6d]ONE OFFER GREEN PROMOTION[/b3947aa0f6d]

This promotion has no time limit, but I will stop when I feel it has run its course ) x2

So while it last any one who does any ONE (1) offer on either


will get a full green for the offer. So no matter which offer you do it will be worth either 2 credits or 4 credits depending on the site.

So no matter the offer once you complete it simply post here or send in a support ticket and I will add the extra offers for FREE!

This promotion is only for un-referred members, however it can be combined with our iPhone giveaway.

So one offer gets you full green and a chance to win some cash or prizes.


PS just for those who didn't read. It is only available to un-referred members on $50 and $100 AnyDollarDeal

Mikhail D