iPod Touch Promotional Raffle

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08-11-2007 11:22:51

[bb02f6acae4]Promotion Raffle

Ok I had to have another promotion because we all need more promotions, lol[/bb02f6acae4] biggrin

[bb02f6acae4]So first lets show the prizes[/bb02f6acae4]

1 iPod Touch (8gb)
1 - $75.00 via paypal
2 - $50.00 via paypal
3 - $25.00 via paypal
10 - $10.00 via paypal
39 - $2.00 sent via mail

[bb02f6acae4]So $728.00 in prizes waiting for you to win biggrin[/bb02f6acae4]

[bb02f6acae4]So what are the rules you ask?[/bb02f6acae4]

1.You must join any of the Dollar Deal Network sites unreferred and go green. Full list of sites can be found here http//www.dollardealnetwork.com[]http//www.dollardealnetwork.com
2.This promotion raffle will end when it reaches 50 members or I get tired o waiting.
3.The must post your email or account ref # (no full links please, I just need the #s) in this thread.
4.You can have multiple entries as long as each account is unreferred and you are green.
5.If it closes with less then 50 people prizes may be reduced but the grand prize winner will get a ipod touch!

Here is how the promotion will work.

Once 50 people have posted here I will send each of you a $2.00 bill. Some of these 2 dollar bills are special.

39 will be regular $2.00 bills
10 will have silver holograms on them
1 will have a gold hologram on it

If you get one of the PLAIN $2.00 bills you can then post a picture of it here for the $2.00 raffle. The raffle will have three prizes
1st place --- $50.00
2nd place -- $25.00
3rd place -- $25.00

If you get one of the SILVER $2.00 bills you automatically win $10.00 and can then post a picture of it here for the SILVER raffle. The raffle will have 3 prizes
1st place -- $75.00
2nd place -- $50.00
3rd place -- $25.00

If you get the GOLD $2.00 bill you automatically win a 8gb iPOd Touch!

So everyone is guaranteed to win at least $2.00 and 11 people are guaranteed to win at least $25.00 or more.

This promotion is being liste don several forums so not all entries may be posted here.


09-11-2007 04:55:48

Did you mean to post this web address?


Not what I expected to see. )


09-11-2007 17:57:53

Yeah, that's odd. I'm getting that too. But what she meant was post your ID number after you go green.


01-12-2007 21:38:27

promo has ended and will make final post tomorrow on what if any prizes will be awarded besides the ipod touch