$100 from DollarDeal!

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29-09-2007 10:39:16

Hey guys, I'm proof that the DollarDeals toolbar is a must have feature. He ran a promotion on it and I won! It was the easiest $100 I ever made. Thanks again DollarDeal!

http/" alt=""/img.photobucket.com/albums/v411/Viperant1/DollarDealProof-1.jpg[/img3833e7e744]


29-09-2007 13:14:20

) glad you like

I was trying to think of computer related gifts to give away this month so any suggestions would be great. Anything from $5-$100. Obviously the cheaper they are the more I can give away.


01-10-2007 09:46:43

gift cards for someplace? or choice of game(s) maybe?


01-10-2007 19:22:00

[quoteedd1500049="mistivon"]gift cards for someplace? or choice of game(s) maybe?[/quoteedd1500049]

I have 24 sites with different gift cards. www.dollardealnetwork.com


04-10-2007 19:19:03

http//www.refstop.com/trading/congrats.gif[" alt=""/img224de0bcac]