Updates on all Dollar Deal Sites

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31-08-2007 23:58:47

[b2c7b7131fe]Major Updates for the 1st[/b2c7b7131fe]

Have a few updates and reminders!

[b2c7b7131fe]We now have a new main site at www.dollardealnetwork.com [/b2c7b7131fe]

[b2c7b7131fe]All Dollar Deal Network sites are now open to both the US and Canada[/b2c7b7131fe]

I don't have a lot of offers on 2dollardeal right now for Canadians but am looking for more. Also none of the offers on ZeroDollarDeal are marked but will be this weekend.

[b2c7b7131fe]Support just got better! Now we have 7 ways for you to ask us questions.[/b2c7b7131fe]

--->AIM Support (yes AIM has returned) can be reached at DollarDealHelp and should be online 6 days 8 hours a day

--->Onsite support all questions are replied in 24 hours or less.

--->email= support email=admin@dollardealnetwork.comadmin@dollardealnetwork.com support email=admin@dollardealnetwork.comadmin@dollardealnetwork.com/email all questions are replied in 24 hours or less.

--->Forum Support, we check the 3 major forums every day. All questions are replied in 24 hours or less.

--->Toll free voice mail support 1-888-378-8688 leave us a message with you problem or question and include your referral # we will reply to your account. Questions are replied in 24 hours or less.

--->Text message support 1-985-710-3218 If you don't get a reply in 30 minutes or more then it is offline but will be replied to ASAP. Text support will be online 12 hours a day.

--->Fax support 1-888-378-8688

[b2c7b7131fe]More offers! We have been searching and scrounging for offers for all our sites.[/b2c7b7131fe]

25+ offers available on 2DollarDeal

50+ Offers on AnyDollarDeal (The new and improved AnyDollarDeal read the AnydollarDeal Promotion post for more information)

100+ offers on ZeroDollarDeal

[b2c7b7131fe]Also remember you can place unlimited # of orders on AnyDollarDeal and ZeroDollarDeal and never need to green again.[/b2c7b7131fe]