Mikhail's Mad promotion #4 Toolbar

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31-08-2007 23:56:24

[b6b91b690a9]I decided to go MAD and throw some promotions again![/b6b91b690a9]

I just added a new toolbar to my network page so users can have an easier time checking the status of their account.

You can download it on our network page at --->


So what kind of promotion is a toolbar? Well I added a message tab to it. So every month I will be sending messages and giving away gifts and money. You must have an account on one of my sites to be eligible.

I will send different messages requiring specific actions to win the prize.

Like 3rd person to send in support ticket with specific phrase or code.
Or the 1st person to post on forum with a nice comment about us.

I will be giving away multiple prizes every month so check your toolbar messages ).

Users are only allowed one prize per month!


01-09-2007 14:37:54

nice promo!!!! how do i get a hold of your CSR on AIM?


01-09-2007 18:05:31

AIM dollardealhelp )


02-09-2007 13:29:05

downloaded it


02-09-2007 14:59:18

They had a glitch in 1st version so I just fixed it ).

It wasn't anything major was just adding some junk to the 2DollarDeal link section. You can un-install the old one and reinstall new one with out all the extra bits and pieces ).