Changes to all the 2DollarDeal sites!!!

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28-07-2007 11:52:01

Hi everyone )

As you all know they have some major setbacks from offers to the freebie world.

I have always tried to go overboard for my customers and will continue to do so if not more so.

With all that said I have a few changes that will be taking place this week to all of the 2DollarDeal sites.

The changes (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly) are as follows --->

[bedc936a73c]Payouts have been lowered on all sites ([/bedc936a73c][/sizeedc936a73c]

Due to the amount of fraud and chargebacks I am forced to lower payout as follows --->
up to $40 per ref on any site
$25 per ref on

I have delayed doing this for as long as possible but with the amount of fraud in the freebie community offers are paying less and less and chargebacks are at all time high. I hope one day to go back to $50 a referral if possible.

[bedc936a73c]Daily Payouts will continue )[/bedc936a73c][/sizeedc936a73c]

I will continue to make payouts every day via masspay so no fees.

[bedc936a73c]AnyDollarDeal is closing as a DIY ( )[/bedc936a73c][/sizeedc936a73c]

Again due to the amount of fraud I have decided it isnt worth it to keep open. So will be closing AnyDollarDeal as a DIY GPT and reopen it Next month as a new referral site with a few twists.

[bedc936a73c]More Offers )[/bedc936a73c][/sizeedc936a73c]

With the lowering of payouts I will be able to have more offers to give you guys more chances to find ones you haven't completed yet ).

I plan by the end of August to have over 100 offers again on ZeroDollarDeal and over 40 offers on all 2DollarDeal sites.

[bedc936a73c]AIM support returns )[/bedc936a73c][/sizeedc936a73c]

On August 1st AIM support will return permanently. AIM support will be available for a minimum of 8 hours a day 6 days a week. I wont give a set schedule as it will be when I am at home but will be 8 hours a day ).

[bedc936a73c]TEXT support available as of August 1st )[/bedc936a73c][/sizeedc936a73c]

That's right as of August 1st we will have 12 hour text support available for all of our users. So if you don't want to log in or arent online you will be able to text us with support issues. The TEXT support will be available from 10am to 10pm everyday. You can still send in text support in off hours they just wont be looked into until 10am.

[bedc936a73c]AnyDollarDeal will return as a revamped referral site.[/bedc936a73c][/sizeedc936a73c]

August 1st AnyDollarDeal will reopen as a referral site with the folowing layout.

$25 per referral
NO half credit offers and over 100 offers available
multiple orders allowed and no future offers required
multiple accounts allowed (this doesnt mean multiple offers allowed silly rabbits)

Plus as a grand opening we will be giving away 100 FREE GREENS. So the 1st 100 people will be able to place orders for $25 with no referrals ).


28-07-2007 12:30:40

I forgot to say it but with lowered payouts I grandfathered in old accounts. So if your already a member your prize or payout won't change from what is already set. So if you had 12 refs for $600 it will stay that way.