AnyDollarDeal is closing as a DIY!!!

Live forum:


27-07-2007 21:52:37

Due to large amounts of fraud and my refusal to help promote fraud I have decided to close

I just in good conscience keep a GPT open. I think the fraud levels on them are not worth it in the long run.

I have added a Custom order prize so everyone can place orders. I will be moving the database to a new domain shortly and turning anydollardeal into an improved referral site.

All orders must be placed by September 1st then the DB will be deleted.

So if you have 1 point to a milllion points place your order now ).
If you already have a gift selected go to the prizes tab and select the custom order prize so you can place your order.

AnyDollarDeal will return but as a referral based site with a few twists to it ).