Is there a bug on zerodollardeal??

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18-06-2007 18:21:07

Hey there 2dollardeal D Couple of questions for ya!!!

1. I won on the promo and tried to submit a support ticket but the only one I see on zerodollardeal is the one I supported when I first signed up with a list of all the offers I did. So not sure how to submit a ticket to you because they all disappear........

2. Also regarding zerodollardeal, I can't see any of my referral's email addresses. This has happened to me on several other sites and those have all been fixed. I submitted a ticket to you awhile back about this, but like I said, they seem to disappear when I submit them, so thought this would be the best way to get to you, seems it looks like you're answering questions here rather quickly (haven't seen you on AIM in forever, you must've blocked me cause I bother you too much lol )

That's all for now!


18-06-2007 18:27:45

Hey Casey! Until 2DollarDeal comes in to work her magic, I CAN tell you that this seems to be a fairly common script error. I've encountered quite a few sites in the past month that have been having this same issue, and they all say it's a technical issue that's trying to get worked out. So basically, yes, just a small bug that hasn't been fixed just yet. D


18-06-2007 18:33:20

Yeah, I figured as much = )....I'm more concerned that my support tickets are disappearing because I won on the promo and want to make sure she knows it HEHE.....I LOVE 2DOLLARDEALS!!!!


18-06-2007 18:59:52

The bug fix is in the works and all winners are going to be paid Next Monday. So will find a way to contact you all and get paypal addresses ).